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Ever wondered how many passports there are in the US (United States)? Fortunately here at Paspic we love statistics and knowing all the latest passport facts and figures.

Here are some of our favorite US passport statistics:

  • The number of passports produced in the US in 2008 is 12% down from 2007 !
  • In 2008 16208003 passports (including 523706 passport cards) were produced.
  • The state with the least amount of passport applications in 2008 was American Samoa with 1826
  • The top 3 states for passport applications in 2008 were :
  1. California : 2396769
  2. Texas : 1389489
  3. New York : 1231200

All of our statistics were taken from :


Passport Facts – No1

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On the UK passport website we can see that there is a huge demand for passports, with many millions of them being produced each year.

The figures for adult and child passports over the past 10 and 5 years respectively are :

Total passports issued (as at end November 2008):

  • Adult Passports issued in the last 10 years: 40.06 million
  • Child Passports issued in the last 5 years: 8.82 million

This is a staggering number of passport, with the adult number at just over 4 million per year.

More passport facts will be coming soon!

A brief history of Passports

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The earliest passports were little more than papers that a king or queen would give to their subjects and to favoured foreigners, asking that they be allowed to travel freely.

From this they have evolved to become the documents we know today.

By the end of 2006, passports will contain computer chips and work with facial mapping software to verify the passport holder’s identity. It’s been quite a journey!

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